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eCommerce SEO

Small business eCommerce websites face unique SEO and online marketing challenges, including:

  • Strong competition from direct competitors with bigger budgets
  • Limited resources to promote products and create original content
  • Legacy eCommerce platforms that hinder your store’s search and social potential
However, a successful Search and Social strategy can be your cost-effective equalizer

Time and time again, we’ve helped our clients dramatically increase their revenue and market share by developing a search solution tailored to their business. The components of a successful SEO ecommerce campaign include:

  • eCommerce Platform/Technical SEO Review – we’ll review your eCommerce platform to make sure your infrastructure supports technical SEO requirements, such as search-friendly URLs, no duplicate content, the implementation of rel=canonical and much more. If it doesn’t, we’ll either work with your existing development team to get your eComm platform up-to-par, or recommend that you move over to nopCommerce, our preferred eCommerce search platform.
  • Keyword Research and On-Page SEO – after doing exhaustive keyword research, we’ll implement the keywords on your product pages that people are actually using to search for the types of products you’re selling
  • Indexation – If you have hundreds or thousands of products in your catalog, but the engines don’t know about them, it’s going to be impossible for you to get targeted search traffic for them. We’ll make sure the search engines are aware of all the products you sell.
  • Link Building – we’ll dedicate resources to build out your link building profile, especially since backlinks continue to be one of the most impactful tactics of an overall SEO strategy
  • Product Feeds – if you don’t have product feeds, we’ll create them for you, especially on Google and Bing. If you do have Google and Bing merchant accounts and product feeds set up, we’ll review and optimize them so they perform better for you
  • Competitive Analysis – We review what your competitors are doing in search and social and will make recommendations for you to adopt solutions that have been successful for them
  • Social Media – we’ll review and advise you on Social Media strategies that will work hand-in-hand with your existing business, including increasing your followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook
  • Content Development – we’ll advise you on how best to develop content for your product and site, with SEO in mind. This includes the implementation of images and video as well as the development of unique, keyword-rich text to set your products apart from your competitors

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