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Our Guarantee

We are a no-nonsense search company, and we believe in our ability to deliver value to our clients so much that we offer a money back guarantee if your key revenue generation metrics don’t increase 3 months after working with us. The reason we need 3 months is simply because that’s on average how long it takes for sites to see real results after the beginning of a search campaign.

At the beginning of our engagement, we will work with you to establish a baseline metric (or metrics) that’s most important to you (whether it’s revenue, lead generation, traffic, etc). We’ll report on this carefully as part of our analytics reporting, and if your results don’t match your expectations, then you’ll receive your money back for the length of the search engagement. That means that your engagement with us is 100% financially risk-free. We put this in the contract, so our guarantee is in writing. And we’re happy to report that no client has ever needed to take us up on our guarantee, because after we’ve helped them with their SEO, all of them have seen increases in their key online performance indicators.

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